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                                                       SAMPLE TRACKS ON SOUNDCLOUD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Album Releases:

 Poor No More, 1999 

 Mystical Universe, 2001 

  The Next World, 2012 

 The Seventh Sign, 2013 

 Perpetual Light, 2013 

 No Turning Back, 2013 

  Eclectica, 2014 

 Broken World, 2015 

 Era of Illusions, 2015 

 Future Transcension, 2016 

Nothing Comes Easy, 2017

Somewhere Sometimes, 2019

Good Old Days, 2022

In The Midst Of The Storm, 2022

Blue Moon Rising, 2022

Electric Dreams, 2023

Magnetic, 2023


Welcome to DREAMTRANCED. The journey began back when I was 12 years old and I first listened to The Beatles 'The White Album.' In college, I started making mix tapes (audio & VHS) of various songs and bands to play them at parties where I would guest DJ. This eventually led me into creating concert themes and promoting numerous acts at several nightclubs in Santa Barbara. After graduating and living in Los Angeles for several years, I eventually moved back to Santa Barbara and began to play the piano. My self-taught piano sessions were invaluable to me, and it all grew from there. My music can best be summarized as instrumental Electronic. The music sub-genres are various and eclectic, including EDM, Ambient, Melodic House and Techno, Trance, Industrial, Electronic Rock, Instrumental Hip Hop, and Neo-Classical/New Age. Utilizing dreamy pianos, lush Synth soundscapes, heavy and deep bass, cutting edge beats, creative chord arrangements, emotional and original melodies, I am able to create my own style and sound. The music is packed with energy and emotion.
DREAMTRANCED is very interested, and prepared, for any Film/TV/Gaming/Ads Sync licensing opportunities.


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